Researching Competitors Keywords in Delicious

Currently I develop a software that creates collages semi-automatically. There are many strong competitors that have outstanding collage making products. I am researching those products and associated search keywords for SEO purposes. Here is what I found very useful for researching the competitors keywords and understanding how users think about competitor products.

First, lets create list of important competitors. Collage Software industry have many participants each one focused around particular niche. My competitors are those who produce software for photo collages, particularly those kind of collages that you can put on a wall as poster (or as computer wall paper), create postcards or combined image for a blog post. I have a short list of around 20 software products that appear in Google when searching particular phrases that describe my product: ×.photo collage software×., ×.photo poster×. etc×.

People get to bookmark web sites in different ways. For example, I use XMarks for Firefox. XMarks company have knowledge of how people describe different websites and what keyword they associate with them. We have no access to that information, so lets look what we can collect from the publicly visible bookmarks at

If you haven×.t yet completed you list of competitors just type the search phrases in Delicious search form and look for most bookmarked web sites: At the right of each bookmark is a number. Clicking on the number reveals the users that bookmark this site. On the right of this page is the most important information, the total number each keyword is associated with this web site:

Delicious Photo Collage top kewords

Top of this list are most important words describing the product and the rest are long tail words somehow related to it. On the left is the user descriptions of the site. Descriptions are commonly in English but some are in German, Chinese and Spanish. This competitor product have users in these countries. The main part of descriptions are copy-pasted from the home page and are of no particular interest to me. I dig into descriptions and found some very interesting ones that can be classified as follows:

It will be interesting to look at descriptions when my site become popular but meanwhile I have to dig at my competitors. The main difficulty of this way to research for keywords and user opinion is that it is time consuming. If there is a way to automatically extract all the descriptions and filter duplicate ones I will be happy.