Simple experiments with Traveling Salesman Problem

I recently implemented some simple algorithms solving TSP. To check how the algorithms performed I used some of the instances in the National Traveling Salesman Problems. It is a lot of fun and I learned a lot when started to visualize the algorithm steps.

Contemporary Chinese Texbook (Bulgarian edition)

I have prepared Anki Deck with all the words in the textbook "Contemporary Chinese" 1, 2 - Bulgarian version (926 words and phrases).

Orientation tag in Exif Jpeg header - C++/Qt code

Simple C++/Qt code to extract Orientation tag from Exif header in Jpeg file.

Wikipedia word frequency list

Domain names are one of most valuable assets for each mISV (and each online business). Domain have to represent a lot of information in limited number of characters. It have to be SEO friendly (descriptive), easy to remember and easy to spell. I have done a lot of work to find good (and not registered) domain names for my products. It is written in a lot of places that good keywords in domain name help you customers to better understand what you product does and they are especially useful for SEO purposes (Search Engine Optimization). Countless articles suggest to look at Google search count for popularity of words before registering domain (and also at search result count). So, I needed a list of words with some indication of how important they are. More precisely I needed a list of phrases not single words, but this article is about a single words only. I use these word list with combination of Google External Keyword tool and Google Trends to hunt for a perfect domain name ...

Researching Competitors Keywords in Delicious

Currently I develop a software that creates collages semi-automatically. There are many strong competitors that have outstanding collage making products. I am researching those products and associated search keywords for SEO purposes. Here is what I found very useful for researching the competitors keywords and understanding how users think about competitor products. First, lets create list of important competitors. Collage Software industry have many participants each one focused around particular niche. My competitors are those who produce software for photo collages, particularly those kind of collages that you can put on a wall as poster (or as computer wall paper), create postcards or combined image for a blog post. I have a short list of around 20 software products that appear in Google when ...

Installing Haskell plugin for Eclipse

I use Eclipse for all sorts of development in C, Java and Haskell. It gives me uniform look and feel on every project. This is updated post with instructions for installing Haskell plugin for Eclipse. This time I am installing on Windows XP (and Ubuntu 9.10 after) machine ...

Restricted Boltzmann Machine - Short Tutorial

I have read a lot of papers on RBM and it seems to be difficult to grasp all the implementation details. So, I want to share my experience with people facing the same problems. My tutorial is based on variant of RBM-s named Continuous Restricted Boltzmann Machine or CRBM for short. CRBM have very close implementation to original RBM with binomial neurons (0,1) as possible values of activation. At the end of the article I provide some code in Python. No guarantee is given that this implementation is correct so let me know of any bugs found. First you may have a look at the original papers that describe theory behind RBM neural networks ...

How to set CUDA in Eclipse

Here I describe steps to get Eclipse working with CUDA. I am working on Ubuntu 8.04 and Eclipse: 3.2.2.

Software created by me: Pprogram to automatically layout photos in collage